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Chapter one  

                                                                                    Tears of Hope


       The next day I got up and started the day, checking on my mom before I left.

            My day was going fine until I thought I saw someone following me. I started to walk faster just in case. Sure enough, they walked faster too. I got nervous and ran. They ran after me, catching up with me and trapping me in an alleyway blocked by a door. Before I could do anything, many other people showed up too.  I backed up against the door. Then while keeping an eye on them, I tried to turn the door handle behind me but it was locked. Suddenly, the door opened and a different man appeared inside. He roughly put a cloth over my nose and mouth. It smelled weird and made me pass out.

In an unknown dark room, I woke up paralyzed in a chair. My hands and legs were strapped to it. My right wrist was facing upward though. I saw different sets of shoes pacing in front of me and heard men's voices too.  I could barely make out some of their words. It had something to do with kidnapping me to get to my mom. If they said why, I couldn't make it out.

I saw one of them come close to me. He was carrying something that looked long and grey but the tip of it looked kind of red. He told me it was for my own good before putting it close to my wrist. I could feel the heat getting closer and closer but I still couldn't move to stop it.

Suddenly, I heard a loud pounding noise. The wall nearby just exploded, sending pieces everywhere. One of them hit the man holding the iron. It slipped and hit my eye then fell to the ground. I tried to close my eye to stop the pain but it just made it worse, even my tears made it sting more. I could barely hear the men screaming at something, their feet echoing away from me. A loud flapping sound followed them. I passed out from the pain before hearing what happened next.


When I woke up again, I realized my eye didn't hurt anymore. I wasn't as paralyzed either, or in that chair. For some reason I was high above the ground instead.

"Hello Keslyn, do you remember me?" I heard a voice say.

I tried to look around, then I saw a giant black bird staring up at me from the ground.

"Did you just talk?" I asked it.

"Do you remember me or not?" it asked again.

"Am I dreaming right now?"

"I'm guessing you don't remember me then."

"I don't... I don't think so. Who are you?"

"I'm Darien remember? You're protector and fiancee?"

My head was still spinning from all the excitement earlier but I knew I heard that fiancee part right.

"Wait, what are you talking about?" I said

"The oath. The oath of protection. Don't you remember?"

"No! I mean about being my fiancee? And what about those guys? Where did they go? What happened?"

He shook his head and ruffled his feathers, and then he did something really weird. He transformed into what looked like a human being. There was a bright light, and then he let out a big sigh.

"Well in order to answer all of those questions: We are meant to be married when we both turn 16, I chased those guys away, and now we're talking."


I didn't appreciate his tone.

"Don't get smart with me," I said.

"I wasn't."

"Yeah right and what did you just do?!"

A moment of silence went by between us. He just was there, looking up, waiting patiently.

"Well... thank you for saving me and I still don't get what you did, but I don't care."

He bowed his head.

"You're welcome."

"So... can I come down now?"

"Oh yeah sure."

He made a downward motion with his hand and I slowly came down to the ground.

As soon as my feet hit the ground, I stumbled to regain my footing. He helped me.

"So, why was I up there?"

"So the wall wouldn't fall on you."

"Oh that's why. Thank you."

Only after this do I realize that the space in the wall led outside. I began to walk towards it the best I could and he followed me. At that time I remember what my mom told me before I left that morning. She never told me the demon's name, just that he was supposed to protect me. I had so many questions for him, especially the fiancee part. But before I could ask him, I saw him look around. He looked really nervous.

   "What's wrong?"

   "...get on my back."

I kind of laugh at his request. "Why?"

   "Just hurry please."

   I still didn't know if I could trust him but my mom did say he was supposed to protect me. So I did as he said. I was still a little groggy so he had to help me. Before we took off, I saw those guys from before come back with reinforcements.

   Darien ran toward them suddenly while saying something that I couldn't quite understand, then his wings came out. The force of his wings was powerful, lifting him and myself off the ground in no time. He flew past them quickly, causing most of them to fall over as we passed overhead. They tried to shoot us down but we had already ascended high enough that they kept missing. I felt myself getting sleepy again as this was happening.

   "Go ahead and rest, we'll be at your home soon."
   I begin to drift off, comfortable and not wanting to be moved. "That's... nice..."
                                                                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED TELL NEXT CHAPTER

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